At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our California lemon law attorney represents clients throughout the state who have leased or purchased a warrantied vehicle with a manufacturing defect that cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of attempts by enforcing the California Lemon Law.

We focus on pursuing a legal remedy that fits our client’s needs so they can move forward with a defect-free vehicle. Although we have a 99% success rate and often settle without a lawsuit in as little as 30-60 days, our clients frequently ask how the manufacturer will be held accountable in other ways for producing vehicles with defects.

Here, we discuss some of the potential consequences.

More Than Lemon Law Claims: Additional Consequences Manufacturers Face for Producing Defective Vehicles

Defective Vehicles

Manufacturers that produce defective vehicles can face various consequences, both legal and reputational. These consequences can vary depending on the nature and severity of the defects, as well as the response of the manufacturer.


  • Class Action Lawsuits

If a defect affects many vehicles, affected consumers may join together in a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer. This can result in substantial financial settlements or judgments against the company.

  • Regulatory Action

Government agencies, like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, can investigate and take regulatory action against manufacturers for safety-related defects. This can include recalls, fines, and other enforcement actions.

Manufacturers must cover the expenses associated with vehicle recalls, including repair and notification expenses, which can be costly and disrupt production.

  • Negative Publicity & Damaged Reputation

Defective vehicles can lead to negative publicity, damaging the manufacturer’s reputation. Negative press can result in decreased consumer trust, lower sales, and a loss of market share.

A damaged reputation can have long-lasting effects on a manufacturer’s brand image. Rebuilding trust with consumers can be a challenging and costly process.

A manufacturer’s stock value and market capitalization can also be affected by the negative impact of widespread defects and associated consequences.

  • Warranty Costs

Manufacturers are often responsible for covering the costs of warranty repairs and replacements. If defects are widespread, these costs can be substantial and impact profitability.

  • Product Liability Lawsuits

In addition to lemon law and class-action lawsuits, manufacturers can face individual product liability lawsuits from consumers who suffered injuries or damages due to defective vehicles. These lawsuits can result in significant settlements or judgments.

The fallout from vehicle defects can be widespread, starting with holding the manufacturer accountable for a legal remedy by enforcing the California Lemon Law. We can help.

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