At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our  Los Angeles, California lemon law attorney knows that the vehicle market is extremely tight right now.

That has left a lot of California consumers scrambling to find transportation that fits their personal and professional needs. After all, it is difficult to get back and forth to work without a reliable vehicle.

Unfortunately, some are being forced to purchase vehicles from used car lots or private parties that are sold, “as is”. While “as is” cars, trucks, and SUVs may stand out for being a deal, they can leave the new owner – you – holding all the risk.

Here is what our California residents need to know about “as is” vehicle agreements.

What is Considered an “As Is” Vehicle Sale?

Just as it sounds, “as is” means the seller is unwilling to make any changes to the vehicle or provide any guarantees about its operation or performance going forward.

That typically means the vehicle does not come with a warranty, which is typically common in used car sales.

However, if the manufacturer’s warranty is still valid on a used vehicle sold through a dealership — even if the sale was marketed as is — it can be transferred to the new owner. Once the warranty expires, a vehicle sold as-is will have no other protection.

It is important to note, private sellers and used-car dealerships do not have to offer warranties at all.

What are the Risks of Buying an “As Is” Vehicle in California?

The risk of buying an “as is” vehicle in California is that you may not know what you are getting. While it is possible to do your research, order a CARFAX report, and determine if the vehicle has been recalled for any safety reasons, it is impossible to know what to expect from its performance.

Without a warranty, you will be paying for all potential repairs out of pocket, and it may interfere with your ability to file a California Lemon Law claim. We can help you determine if that is true for your vehicle’s circumstances during a free consultation.

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