At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our California lemon law attorney in Los Angeles knows that consumers can purchase or lease a vehicle that has a defect, no matter the make or model, or whether it is new or used.

We also know there is a lot of confusion about what it takes to file a successful California Lemon Law claim.

While there is plenty of work to be done to meet the legal threshold for these claims, our lemon lawyer represents clients throughout California to help ensure their claims go as seamlessly as possible. Here is what you can look forward to when you partner with our skilled Los Angeles lemon law attorney.

Step One: A Completely Free Initial Consultation

Before we can determine whether your vehicle defect qualifies to pursue a lemon law claim in California, we must learn more about what led you to our law firm. We will review the details of your case, so you know right away whether your case qualifies to move forward.

Step Two: We File a Claim with the Vehicle Manufacturer

Once we collect all the necessary evidence, we will file your California lemon law claim with the vehicle’s manufacturer. This process can take up to two weeks.

Step Three: The Vehicle Manufacturer’s Response

The vehicle manufacturer has 30 days from when they are served with the claim to respond with a solution.

Should the manufacturer respond with anything other than a settlement offer, we will continue to build your case for success. Our extensive experience in California lemon law claims allows our attorney to put together each case to pursue results the first time around.

The legal remedy for California lemon law cases include:

  • The manufacturer can replace your vehicle.
  • The manufacturer can repurchase your vehicle.
  • The manufacturer can offer a cash settlement for the defect, and you keep the vehicle.

The reality is, we have a 99% success rate, and typically produce results for our California lemon law clients in as little as 30-60 days. 

The vehicle manufacturer will also be responsible for paying our legal fees, so you will never pay any out-of-pocket costs to pursue a positive outcome.

Contact Shainfeld Law, P.C. For Help With Your California Lemon Law Claim

If your vehicle is still under warranty, and is exhibiting signs of a defect that can be fixed by the dealership or a certified mechanic, contact our experienced Los Angeles lemon law attorney at Shainfeld Law, P.C., today by calling 310-295-1888 or request a free consultation online.