At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our California lemon law attorney in Los Angeles reviews each of our potential client’s cases for free, so they know right away if their vehicle qualifies for relief under the California Lemon Law.

If you purchased a new or used vehicle in California that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty and are having problems with any part of its operation, begin documenting the issues as they occur and take it to the dealership for repairs.

Sometimes, the issue can be simple and only requires a quick fix. Other times, there may be an actual manufacturing defect that cannot be fixed — even after multiple attempts.

If the latter is true for your vehicle, you may have more than a car problem, but a lemon.

How Does a Substantial Vehicle Defect Differ from Car Trouble?

A substantial vehicle defect is a problem that impairs the car’s use, value, or safety.

This may include engine, transmission, braking, or steering issues. These differ from car “problems” when they cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of attempts by the manufacturer.

Car trouble that does not qualify under the California lemon law is an issue that can be fixed the first time the vehicle is taken into the dealership.

To ensure you and your vehicle are protected going forward, document all issues, each trip to the dealership, and all problems as they are outlined by the mechanic. If a pattern of vehicle trouble emerges, and you experience the same problem repeatedly, you will have the evidence you need to begin pursuing a lemon law claim in California.

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The vehicle manufacturer will also be responsible for paying our legal fees, so you are not responsible for any out-of-pocket costs to pursue a positive outcome.