At Shainfeld Law, our lemon law attorney in the RiversideSan BernardinoOntario metro area knows that buying or leasing a new or used car under warranty comes with a sense of pride. Not only are you enjoying being behind the wheel of a vehicle you do all the research on before buying, but knowing that the manufacturer will be responsible for fixing any covered issues will help you keep from spending any money on repairs for the next few years.

Unfortunately, some California vehicles do not begin exhibiting any signs of defects right away. And when they do, multiple trips to the dealership can be frustrating. Was there any way to see this coming? The short answer is no. While some vehicles may have more lemon law claims filed against them than others, it is challenging to predict which ones will actually be lemons.

Understanding how your car ranks in terms of value is crucial. The CarEdge Value Grade, a number determined by a proprietary algorithm, compares the average purchase price of a new model to its future resale value and ongoing maintenance, repair, and insurance costs.

This provides a clear and objective measure for consumers.

Cars are Ranked the Worst Cars by Value Rating

What are the Worst Cars by Value Rating?

The CarEdge Value Grade provides vehicle shoppers with an unbiased and candid financial assessment of whether a new vehicle model is likely to be a good or bad investment.

Models that ranked below an A or B level included:

What Happens When My Vehicle Ranks Well and Is Still a Lemon?

Vehicles that cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of attempts may qualify as “Lemons” under California’s Lemon Law. At Shainfeld Law, we will provide legal assistance and support to pursue a legal remedy that fits your needs.

When you choose to work with our experienced lemon law attorneys in California, we will handle your claim with the manufacturer. In the event of a successful claim, which happens 99% of the time, the manufacturer is responsible for ALL your legal fees.

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If you believe your California vehicle, even if it falls outside of these models, may be a lemon and is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, contact our experienced Inland Empire lemon law attorney at Shainfeld Law, P.C., today by calling 888-609-2593 or request a free consultation online.