At Shainfeld Law, our California lemon law attorney has handled thousands of lemon law cases, which allows our clients to hold the manufacturer liable for their defective vehicles by providing solutions for them to move forward.

When a vehicle has a material defect that affects its use, value, or safety that cannot be fixed after a qualifying number of reasonable vehicle repair attempts, our California Lemon Laws allow us to pursue the manufacturer to buy back the defective vehicle, provide a replacement vehicle, or offer our client a cash value for their vehicle.

But what happens if the dealership or auto repair shop insists that there is no material defect causing the problem? Consumers still have options.

What Can I Do When My Mechanic Says My Car Does Not Have a Material Defect?

It stands to reason that if you take your vehicle to the dealership or repair shop multiple times for the same issue, the mechanic will acknowledge the ongoing problem and present solutions.

But what if he or she does not?

Is it a case where the vehicle’s issue is not being adequately diagnosed?

Is it a case where the mechanic cannot fix the issue but may be too proud to admit it?

How can consumers get around a mechanic — especially one that works for their dealership or is licensed to address their warranty issues — that insists there is no material defect causing their vehicle issues?

Instead of dealing with an ongoing and extremely frustrating scenario, consumers should note that the auto repair shop may not be putting their best interests first.

Now is the time to contact Lemon Law Now to ensure your rights are protected.

When you notice that your vehicle is exhibiting problems and that multiple trips to the dealership or auto repair shop are not yielding any results, contact our experienced lemon law attorney to learn more about your legal options in holding the vehicle’s manufacturer liable for your issues, so you can seek solutions that will keep you out of the repair shop going forward.

While it is true that our lemon laws in California require vehicle owners to follow certain steps to prove they have addressed their vehicle issues properly before filing a claim, our laws also empower consumers to take action. We can help you take the next step in making this right.

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