At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our lemon law attorney in Los Angeles, California  knows that one of the major concerns California consumers face when pursuing a legal claim of any kind is how the expense of hiring a lawyer will impact their livelihood.

We understand. If you have ever needed the services of a family law attorney or a criminal defense lawyer, you know that legal costs can weigh heavily on your finances.

Attorney fees are often the reason people face their legal troubles alone. If that is true for you, and your California Lemon Law claim, we have good news.

The Vehicle Manufacturer Is Responsible for California Lemon Law Legal Fees

For more than a dozen years, our California lemon law attorney has successfully handled claims for clients throughout the state, so they are not left driving a vehicle that may impact their safety or the ability to use their car, truck, or SUV as needed.

With a 99% success rate, we often achieve results for our clients in as little as 30-60 days.

Not only does this allow our clients to move forward with their lives, but it also leaves them without the expense of legal fees as ALL California lemon law attorney fees are paid directly by the manufacturer after we win the claim.

This means California consumers pay ZERO upfront fees or out-of-pocket costs for our legal services. This is why our California Lemon Law legislation works in favor of the consumer, instead of against them. If your car is exhibiting signs of being a lemon, we can help.

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