At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our California lemon law attorney knows that consumers face significant obstacles when pursuing a California Lemon Law claim against the manufacturer that produced their defective vehicles that cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of attempts.

These obstacles are established by design. First, the manufacturer will insist that their idea of a “reasonable” number of attempts differs from yours. They do this by suggesting that you may have taken your car in for repairs for different reasons — instead of designated trips for the defect you are pursuing a claim about.

Then manufacturers really push back, requiring California consumers to provide excessive supporting documentation to prove their claim before they even review it.

Once they review it, the manufacturer’s resistance becomes even more complex. The reality is, unless you know the ins and outs of California’s Lemon Law — which most people would never need to — you may not know if what they tell you is accurate.

Before you know it, months and months have gone by, and your claim still has not made it off the first representative’s desk. We can help speed things up.

How Long Will My California Lemon Law Claim Take Will Help from an Attorney?

Lemon Law

The honest answer to how long your California lemon law claim will take to produce a solution is: it depends. Once we review your claim during a free consultation, we will confirm whether you have a legitimate claim. Next, we will outline your legal remedies and submit the options to the manufacturer while stating that you — the consumer — have lost faith and reliability in the vehicle. The manufacturer then has 30 days to respond to our claim.

Not only does our Los Angeles lemon lawyer manage each detail of our client’s cases to ensure their best interests are protected from the start, but we also have a 99% success rate and often settle without a lawsuit in as little as 30-60 days.

What are My Options When Pursuing a California Lemon Law Claim?

All California lemon law claims are unique, which allows the vehicle’s owner to pursue one of three options.

Those legal remedies include:

  • The manufacturer can replace your vehicle.
  • The manufacturer can repurchase your vehicle.
  • The manufacturer can offer a cash settlement for the defect, and you keep the vehicle.

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Our California lemon lawyer will keep you updated during each phase of your claim so you know where it stands and what to expect as it is happening.

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