At Lemon Law Now, our California lemon law attorney encourages all residents who would like to file a legal claim for relief under our California Lemon Laws to ensure their vehicle purchase was secured with a manufacturer’s warranty before contacting an attorney.

Obtaining a manufacturer’s warranty is imperative to the success of any lemon law case, whether the vehicle is leased or purchased, as the law applies to both equally.

Without it, however, your case could fall flat.

Here is why.

How Can I Determine if My Vehicle is Eligible for Protection Under Our California Lemon Laws? 

Our experienced California lemon law attorney will help you determine whether you have a valid legal claim to legitimately pursue the vehicle’s manufacturer for relief, which requires the vehicle is under warranty at the time your claim is filed.

If the vehicle is not accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty, relief under California’s Lemon Law will be unlikely.

If you are purchasing or leasing a new vehicle and are unsure whether the vehicle you are considering will be eligible for legal relief, contact our skilled lemon law attorney to ensure the warranty is valid and that you are protected should any material defects arise.

Being proactive can help our clients overcome potential legal challenges quickly when they are experiencing car trouble that the dealership or certified mechanic cannot fix after a qualifying number of reasonable vehicle repair attempts.

What Type of Vehicle Defects are Protected by Our California Lemon Laws?

A new car warranty details the car parts, vehicle structure, and vehicle performance standards that the manufacturer guarantees, and for how long.

Our California lemon law provisions specifically state that vehicles experiencing material defects are afforded protection under the law.

Material defects are considered to substantially impair the use, value, or safety of the vehicle from the consumer’s point of view.

Not all warranties are the same, and once that warranty expires, so does the availability for consumer relief under our California lemon law.

Hiring a skilled lemon law lawyer allows consumers to fully understand their rights and the time constraints imposed by our laws, so they have a better chance of winning their case and realizing the legal solutions to their vehicle troubles, so they can choose a new direction and put this claim behind them.

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