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When vehicle owners think of a “Lemon” they envision a car, truck, or SUV that is failing from end-to-end, sputtering down the road, and hardly drivable.

The reality is, brand new cars can also be lemons, as it is not so much what the problem is, it is whether it can be fixed during a qualifying number of repair attempts, or if it spends more than 30 days total, not necessarily consecutively, in the repair shop.

Whether your vehicle was just driven off the lot, or was purchased used, if it is still under warranty, you may be eligible to file a lemon law claim in California.

Ongoing Problems May Make Your Vehicle Eligible for a Lemon Law Claim

As we mentioned, vehicle issues that may qualify for a California lemon law claim do not have to be as serious as transmission, brake, or steering problems. Although vehicle issues that jeopardize your safety may be eligible for a claim with fewer repair attempts, single issues like an electrical problem that interferes with your onboard technology may equally qualify for a lemon law claim.

Seemingly smaller issues that may qualify for a lemon law claim also include:

  • Coolant and heating system problems.
  • Defective paint.
  • Mechanical latch, door, and window issues.

According to the California Lemon Law, a vehicle’s issues must have a manufacturing defect, which is defined as any flaw or malfunction covered under the product warranty.

These must limit one of the following:

  • Safety

When a fault compromises a vehicle’s safety, it means the motor vehicle cannot be driven without endangering the passengers, driver, and other road users.

  • Value

If a flaw lowers a vehicle’s value, it means you cannot sell it for what it would be worth if it were not for the defect.

  • Use

When a fault impacts a vehicle’s use, it implies you are not able to drive it the way it was designed to be driven.

If your new or used car has an annoying issue that cannot be fixed and is still under warranty, you may be eligible for compensation or a replacement by filing a California lemon law claim.

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