For nearly 15 years, our California lemon law attorney at Lemon Law Now has consistently and proactively searched for ways to assist clients who are pursuing justice for their lease or purchase of a defective vehicle with the full strength of our California Lemon Law behind them.

Currently, certain Chevrolet manufactured models are the latest vehicles exhibiting problems that may be eligible for repairs, replacement, repurchase, or cash settlement protection under our Lemon Law Now .

Which Chevrolet Vehicle Models are Causing Owners Problems in California?

The latest reports indicate that certain Chevy vehicles in the following models, from the years 2017-2021, are exhibiting significant mechanical problems which may jeopardize the safety of its drivers and occupants.

They include:

  • Silverado
  • Colorado
  • Camaro
  • Corvette

If you have leased or purchased one of these vehicles, and are having significant mechanical issues that have required extensive repairs, contact our skilled lemon law attorneys in California today to discuss the qualifying number of reasonable vehicle repair attempts necessary to pursue a claim.

What Types of Mechanical Problems are Chevrolet Vehicles Having in California?

Common problems being reported by Chevy Silverado, Colorado, Camaro, and Corvette owners have included:

  • Brake booster malfunctions
  • Transmission hesitation and jerking
  • Transmission failure
  • Engine misfiring and stalling

If your Chevy vehicle is exhibiting these or other issues and is spending more time at the dealership repair shop than in your possession, or if the mechanic cannot fix the issue you may be entitled to file a lemon law claim with our skilled attorney today.

Keep in mind, if your vehicle qualifies for California lemon law recovery, the manufacturer is also liable for your legal fees, so you pay nothing out of pocket for our legal representation.

Who Can Pursue a Chevrolet Lemon Law Claim in California?

Owners and previous owners of Chevy Silverado, Colorado, Camaro, and Corvette who have experienced mechanical issues with their vehicles that are under warranty may be entitled to get their money back for their purchases, including the down payment, monthly payments, the balance of the loan, and even taxes and registration fees, so they can start anew with a problem-free vehicle.

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