At Shainfeld Law, our California lemon law attorney understands that when your vehicle is consistently undergoing repairs for the same problem, determining whether your vehicle qualifies for a buyback or return under our California Lemon Laws can be confusing.

There is a lot of misinformation about our lemon laws that our Los Angeles County would like to clear up, starting with the top five myths that may keep consumers from pursuing the outcome they deserve when they buy a defective vehicle.

Myth #1: Used Vehicles Do Not Qualify for Lemon Law Protection in California

In California, used cars can be deemed a lemon, and you may be eligible for a buyback or refund when they are covered by the factory warranty, a dealer warranty, an implied warranty of merchantability, or any type of express warranty.

Myth #2: Pursuing a Buyback Under the California Lemon Laws is a Lengthy Process

There is no guaranteed timeframe for settling a lemon law claim in California.

However, a successful buyback or refund timeline will depend on three factors:

  • The strength of the case
  • The evidence you have against the auto manufacturer, including:
    • Repair invoices
    • Receipts for towing expenses, transportation costs that resulted from the vehicle’s trouble
    • Records showing the amount of time the car was at the dealership for repairs
    • Loan documents, and other costs of ownership, including vehicle registration and sales tax
  • The experience and aggressive approach of your lemon law attorney

In most cases, our lemon law attorney at Shainfeld Law settles cases in as little as four to six weeks.

Myth #3: Any California Attorney Can Handle a Lemon Law Case

If you believe your vehicle is a lemon, and need help pursuing the manufacturer for a refund or buyback, you must speak with an attorney who specializes in lemon law cases to pursue the best outcome. Just as you would not hire a bankruptcy attorney to handle your divorce, you should seek counsel that focuses solely on lemon law claims to ensure you are being represented properly.

Myth #4: Leased Vehicles Do Not Qualify Under the California Lemon Law

California’s Lemon Law protects buyers and lessees of vehicles if the vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Leased vehicles can just as quickly exhibit defects as a vehicle that is purchased instead.

Myth #5: The Attorney Fees Are Too High to Pursue a Lemon Law Claim in California

This is not true.

In fact, in California, the auto manufacturer is responsible for paying your attorney fees after successfully winning your case. That means you do not pay any legal fees at all.

Myth #6: I Will Lose Money by Pursuing a Lemon Law Claim in California

There is a formula under the California lemon law that does allow the auto manufacturer to deduct a mileage fee for the use of the car and requires that they pay back your car payments and insurance payments in most cases, which will make you whole again when your case is successful.

Myth #7: There is No California Lemon Law Claim Remedy That Will Make Me Whole

There are three legal remedies our California lemon law attorney pursues on behalf of our clients whose vehicles are defective.

They include:

  • The manufacturer can replace your vehicle.
  • The manufacturer can repurchase your vehicle.
  • The manufacturer can offer a cash settlement for the defect, and you keep the vehicle.

When your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty and has a defect that qualifies for a California lemon law claim, our attorneys will clearly explain your legal rights and options so that you can make informed decisions about the direction of your case.

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