vehicle problemsAt Shainfeld Law, P.C., our Los Angeles, California lemon law attorney knows that one of the major concerns California vehicle owners have is whether their vehicle defect applies to the California Lemon Law.

The good news is, our law firm focuses only on pursuing California Lemon Law claims on behalf of consumers throughout the state, so they can reach the legal remedy that fits their needs. The better news is, there is no such thing as the “type” of problem — like a transmission leak, faulty electrical system, or steering problem — that makes a California vehicle a lemon.

Instead, the California lemon law simply requires:

The lemon law legislation in California empowers consumers to pursue the manufacturer for a legal remedy that may include buying back the defective vehicle for 100% of the costs you have invested in it, replacing the vehicle with a comparable vehicle, or providing a cash settlement that covers the time, energy, and challenges you have endured with the vehicle, while allowing you to keep it. Questions? We can put our California lemon law expertise to work for you, starting with a free consultation today.

Important Note for Consumers Who May Have a Lemon Law Claim: Do Not Drive an Unsafe Vehicle

What qualifies as a reasonable number of repair attempts varies based on the vehicle’s defect, and includes:

  • The manufacturer only has four attempts at fixing the same defect if it does not qualify as one that could cause serious bodily injury or death.
  • The manufacturer only has two attempts to repair a defective vehicle that could cause serious bodily injury or death.

Contact Our Experienced California Lemon Law Attorney for a Free Consultation

If your vehicle is unsafe to drive because the dealership cannot fix the issue, do not continue to drive it, and place yourself or others in harm’s way. Contact our experienced Los Angeles County lemon law attorney at Shainfeld Law, P.C., today by calling 310-295-1888 or request a free consultation online to learn how we can help you pursue results right away.

Likewise, if the defective vehicle has been with the manufacturer, dealership, or authorized mechanic for more than 30 days total — which do not have to be consecutive — for warranty-covered issues and repairs, call us today for help.