Defective Vehicle Qualification for A Lemon Law Claim Process

At Shainfeld Law, P.C., our Los Angeles, California lemon law attorney knows that the California Lemon Law is an extensive piece of legislation that can be difficult to understand. Fortunately, we have been doing this for years, so we have the California lemon law legal process down to a science.

Our lemon law attorneys in Los Angeles County know the quickest and most efficient process to get our clients’ the maximum settlements they deserve. In fact, we often produce results for our clients in as little as 30 days. Here is how you can get started.

Simple Starter Questions to Potentially Qualify for a California Lemon Law Claim

Since there is so much to know about the California Lemon Law, it is easy for consumers to misunderstand their rights. If you are unsure whether your defective vehicle qualifies for legal relief under the California lemon law, ask yourself the following questions — then contact our skilled Los Angeles lemon lawyer for help pursuing your claim quickly and effectively.

  • Is the vehicle a car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, or similar vehicle?
  • Was your vehicle purchased or leased in California?

FYI: Military personnel who are residents of, or are serving in, California can file a California lemon law claim no matter where they purchased or leased their vehicles.

  • The vehicle’s defect substantially reduces the vehicle’s value, use, or safety.
  • Is your defective vehicle covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?
  • Was the vehicle purchased for personal use, or business use(with the business owner having five or fewer vehicles registered in his or her name), and is under 10,000 pounds?
  • Has the manufacturer, dealership, or certified mechanic made the qualifying number of repair attempts to apply for lemon law relief?
  • Can you prove the vehicle’s problems were not caused by its owner or lessee’s abuse?

If your vehicle defect and warranty coverage qualifies to pursue a lemon law claim in California, we will pursue the vehicle’s manufacturer for a legal remedy that fits your needs.

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